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Surname G
Plymouth's Royal Naval memorial Gay, John Bernard, 37, 22nd October 1943, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Hurworth, D/KX 76819, Chief Stoker, Son of John and Ellen Gay; husband of Elizabeth Gay, of Trehafod, Glamorgan, PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 81, Column 3.

Local Memorial - Pontnewydd War Memoria

HMS Hurworth


SS Arandora Star Gazzi, Francesco, 2nd July 1940, Pontnewydd, Italian internee being transported to Canada killed when the SS Arandora Star was torpedoed.



Lionel George George, Lionel John, 30th July 1915, 2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers, 13679, Private, ALEXANDRIA (CHATBY) MILITARY AND WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY, K. 85.

Local Memorial - Pontrhydrun War Memorial



Gilbert, Kenneth Herbert, 21, 10th November 1944, 6th Bn. South Wales Borderers, 14224033, Private, Son of Herbert Thomas Gilbert and Jane Ann Gilbert, of Cardiff, TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY, 6. K. 24.

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Local Memorial - Rood Screen, St Gabriel's church


  Gimblett, Percy, 29, 1st July 1916, 2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers, 13678, Lance Corporal, Son of John Lewis Gimblett and Mary Ann Gimblett (stepmother), of 30, Pontrhydyrun Terrace, Pontnewydd, Mon., THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 4 A.

Local Memorial - GKN Cwmbran Park


Ivor and his wife Ginello (Geneloer), Ivor, 31st October 1918, 3rd Field Coy  Royal Engineers, 452291, Sapper, Husband of M. M. Ginello, of 20, Dudley St., Newport, Mon., Son of John and Charlotte Geneloer of 26 Victoria Road, Cwmbran, Mon., AWOINGT BRITISH CEMETERY, II. F. 30.

Local memorial - General Post Office in Newport

Ivor, his wife and their child                         Memorial in the General Post Office in Newport                         Ivor Ginello


HMS Devonshire Goss, Kenneth John, 19, 7th February 1943, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Devonshire, P/JX 345507, Able Seaman, Son of Samuel and Daisy Goss, of Upper Cwmbran, Monmouthshire, PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 74, Column 3.

Brother of Ronald below.

Local Memorial - Pontnewydd War Memorial


Plymouth's Royal Naval memorial

Goss, Ronald Henry, 22, 6th May 1942, Royal Navy, H.M. Submarine Urge, D/SSX 20989, Able Seaman, Son of Samuel and Daisy Goss, of Cwmbran Monmouthshire, PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 65, Column 1.

Brother of Kenneth above.

Local Memorial - Pontnewydd War Memorial

HMS Urge


Stanley Griffin

Griffin, Stanley, 29, 27th September 1918, 2nd Bn. Devonshire Regiment, 76009, Private, Husband of Mrs. A. M. Griffin, of 23, Mill St., Newport, Mon., LA TARGETTE BRITISH CEMETERY, NEUVILLE-ST. VAAST, III. D. 4.

Thanks for sympathy


Grundy, Robert, 24, 13th November 1918, 2nd/5th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers, 300050, Private, Son of Joseph Frederick Grundy, husband of Lavinia A, Grundy, of 59, Two Locks Rd, Cwmbran, Newport, Mon., Native of Liverpool, ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY. L. B. 1.




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